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Loving Lucy

From the moment she stepped onto the silver screen, it was quite clear that the blonde bombshell Lucille Ball would forever be known for her starlet looks and her B-movie film career. Lucy - a blonde? In movies? In this work, Kate Burkholder takes a look back to understand how the blonde became a redhead, how a film career turned into television stardom, and how the pretty girl became the ultimate comic relief. In the end, of course, we were all left 'loving Lucy'.

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Cary Grant: Mr. Lucky?


Strong, confident, handsome and charming, with an accent that made all the girls go wild - Cary Grant had it all. A persona like that would have to be entirely authentic, or else the audience would easily see right through the façade. Not so fast, says Brian Johnson in this piece. In fact, the debonair Cary Grant was really born a working man's Archibald Leach. Meanwhile, four failed marriages means he couldn't talk his way out of every domestic disturbance. And that accent? Totally made up! Is nothing sacred?

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Clapton is God

We have all done it once or twice - cranked up 'Layla' on our stereo system, strapping on an air-guitar to rock out for thousands of imaginary screaming fans while basking in our Claptonesque musical prowess and super-stardom. Well, there may be an exception or two to this rule - including Clapton himself. In this profile, Mike New helps us understand how very reluctant the legendary 'Slowhand' was in embracing the fast-paced lifestyle of Rock 'n' Roll  fame.

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