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Andrew T. Urban


Assistant Professor

Office: Ruth Adams Building, 205E

Office Hours: W 1:00PM-4:00PM


Andy Urban is an Assistant Professor in the American Studies and History departments at Rutgers University. He received his PhD in History from the University of Minnesota in 2009. Prior to coming to Rutgers, he worked as a Community Research Fellow at Emory University, where he researched the institutional history of race and missionary work at Emory.

Professor Urban’s book The Empire of the Home: Race, Domestic Labor, and the Political Economy of Servitude in the United States, 1850-1920 (NYU Press, forthcoming, 2015),examines how the occupation of domestic service, and the “servant problem” – the voluble and persistent claims of white middle-class Americans that they were unable to find a suitable source of domestic laborers – reflected broader anxieties about the maintenance of domestic order as the United States expanded nationally, ended slavery, and encountered new sources of labor through immigration. His research explores the recruitment and contract of African Americans, Asian immigrants, and European immigrants as domestic servants, and how immigration policies and laws concerning the freedom of mobility supplied laborers for an occupation that was stigmatized in the minds of native-born, white Americans. In addition to his work on immigration, race, gender, and labor, his research and teaching interests also include public and legal history, and the cultural history of American landscapes and institutions.

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