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Meet Prof. Maria Kennedy.  Prof. Maria Kennedy specializes in the theory and practice of public folklore and humanities, their genres of representation, and their institutions, with a focus on performance theory, festival genres, and anthropology
Meet Prof. Jameson Sweet. Prof. Jimmy Sweet specializes in Native American and Indigenous studies. His work in the 19th century analyzes the legal and racial complexities of American Indians of mixed Indian and European ancestry with a focus on kins
"Being Muslim: A Cultural History of Women of Color in American Islam" By Prof. Sylvia Chan-Malik. From the stories that she gathers, Prof. Chan-Malik demonstrates the diversity and similarities of Black, Arab, South Asian, Latina, and m
Faculty Excellence: Nicole Fleetwood.  "Showcasing the Humanity of the Incarcerated. " Nicole Fleetwood, an associate professor of American Studies at Rutgers-New Brunswick and scholar on incarceration, has collaborated with Aperture magazin
Prof. Andy Urban publishes: "Brokering Servitude: Migration and the Politics of Domestic Labor." In Brokering Servitude, Andrew Urban offers a history of domestic servants, focusing on how Irish immigrant women, Chinese immigrant men, a
Make America Great Again? These People Switched Careers. "As a student at Rutgers University, Mr. Hansen majored in American studies and volunteered for various community organizations. But after graduating, he was drawn to the tech scene and learn
SAS Race and Ethnic Studies Minor. The minor in Comparative and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies is designed to introduce students to the history and politics of racial formation by bringing together courses from multiple departments engaged in th
Prof. Jeff Decker publishes "The Other Rights Revolution."  Decker demonstrates how legal and constitutional battles over property rights, preservation, and the environment helped to shape the political ideas and policy agendas of modern conservati
DISCOVER ASIAN AMERICA.  Asian American Studies Learning Community.  Throughout the semester, students will think about, discuss, and debate representations of Asian Americans in literature, history, politics, film, scholarship, current events, and popular culture.  Apply Today.  Open to all undergraduate students.  Meets on Fridays from 1:40 to 3:00pm at the Asian American Cultural Center.  Email rick.lee to request an application.
Helene K. Grynberg Scholarship For American Studies Majors.  The American Studies Department is pleased to announce scholarships for declared American Studies Majors!  To request an application, please speak with your American Studies faculty advisor.

Course Offerings Fall 2011

pdf Yes

Dept.Course No.TitleProfessorIndexDesc.SyllabusOther Information
050101Intro. to Am. StudiesIsaac26385 pdf Yes
pdf Yes


202American RegionalismBarnett35122 pdf Yes       pdf Yes pdf
05022719th C. Am. Lit. & CultureBarnett31953 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050228The Contemporary AmericanGillespie24172 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050265American Experimental Film & VideoNigrin28068 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050282Architecture & Cultural Change: Old QueensReeves32470 pdf Yes pdf pdf Yes
050300:01Money and Finance in Modern Am. CultureDecker27656 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050300:02America as a Business CivilizationPrisock30417 pdf pdf Yes pdf Yes
050300:03On the Road: Mobility in AmericaRockland35123 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050300:80 (WM)Generations in ConflictBackes36737 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050301:01Labor, Status and IdentityUrban35124 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050301:02Queer AmericaSifuentes34238 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050 301:03 New World Desires Wigginton 37451 pdf pdf Yes       pdf Yes
050301:80 (ACCC)Am. Legal History in the 20th CenturyFurman36753 pdf Yes CANCELLED
050310Methodologies in American StudiesFleetwood35126 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050315American DocumentaryFleetwood35129 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050331Ethnic AmericaRockland35127 pdf Yes pdf pdf Yes
050333Cultures of ConsumptionFerguson35128 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050333:80 (WM) Cultures of ConsumptionFerguson36544 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050377Asian-Am Lit in EnglishLee351151 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050389Junior SeminarDecker32474 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050455Maritime CultureGillespie35130 pdf Yes pdf Yes
090101:22Twin TowersGillespie29366 pdf Yes

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