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Course Offerings Fall 2011


Dept.Course No.TitleProfessorIndexDesc.SyllabusOther Information
050101Intro. to Am. StudiesIsaac26385Yes


202American RegionalismBarnett35122 Yes       Yes
05022719th C. Am. Lit. & CultureBarnett31953Yes Yes
050228The Contemporary AmericanGillespie24172Yes Yes
050265American Experimental Film & VideoNigrin28068Yes Yes
050282Architecture & Cultural Change: Old QueensReeves32470Yes Yes
050300:01Money and Finance in Modern Am. CultureDecker27656Yes Yes
050300:02America as a Business CivilizationPrisock30417Yes Yes
050300:03On the Road: Mobility in AmericaRockland35123Yes Yes
050300:80 (WM)Generations in ConflictBackes36737Yes Yes
050301:01Labor, Status and IdentityUrban35124Yes Yes
050301:02Queer AmericaSifuentes34238Yes Yes
050 301:03 New World Desires Wigginton 37451 Yes       Yes
050301:80 (ACCC)Am. Legal History in the 20th CenturyFurman36753Yes CANCELLED
050310Methodologies in American StudiesFleetwood35126Yes Yes
050315American DocumentaryFleetwood35129Yes Yes
050331Ethnic AmericaRockland35127Yes Yes
050333Cultures of ConsumptionFerguson35128Yes Yes
050333:80 (WM) Cultures of ConsumptionFerguson36544Yes Yes
050377Asian-Am Lit in EnglishLee351151 Yes Yes
050389Junior SeminarDecker32474Yes Yes
050455Maritime CultureGillespie35130Yes Yes
090101:22Twin TowersGillespie29366Yes

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