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Course Offerings Spring 2012

Dept.Course No.TitleProfessorIndexDesc.SyllabusOther Information
050101Intro. to American  StudiesSifuentes65944
050200Intro to Performance StudiesFleetwood75374
Yes Yes
050 201:01 Latino and Caribbean Cultural Studies Martinez-San Miguel 77885 Yes Yes
05022719th C. Am. Lit. & CultureRockland70202Yes Yes
050240Latino/Latina Am. CultureGonzalez69926Yes Yes
050281Architecture and Cultural Change on the Livingston CampusReeves71969Yes Yes
050282Music & Politics: 1963-1983Rzigalinski71970Yes Yes
050283Arts AdventureAppels67667Yes Yes
050300:01The Rise of the RightDecker66241Yes Yes
050 300:02 The City and Gay and Lesbian Identity Lee 72394 Yes Yes
050300:80(ACCC8)American Legal History & Culture of the 20th CenturyFurman70044Yes
050300:81(WMM)New York Theatre CultureRinaldi75612Yes

050301:0121st C. Writing- Blogs, Graphic Novels & Social MediaBarnett64816Yes Yes
050301:03American Film DirectorsNigrin68280Yes Yes
050301:80(RVCC)From the Silents to the Sopranos Organized Crime in American CultureChadwick75598Yes Yes
050301:81(RVCC)American Film&Psych.Zocollilo77412Yes Yes
050 308:01 Culture of Metropolis Ferguson 75375 Yes Yes
050308:80(WM)Culture of MetropolisFerguson75601Yes Yes
050310Methodologies American StudiesFabian72079Yes Yes
050329US as seen FM AbroadRockland75376Yes Yes
Folklore Amer. Occupational and Regional GroupsGillespie75270Yes Yes
050 376 Native American Lit. in English Wigginton 72399 Yes Yes
050 377 Asian North American Lit & Film Lee 71939 Yes Yes
050389Junior SeminarUrban 68281Yes Yes
050 444 American Land Policy Popper 70369 Yes Yes
050450SEM: Folk Fest ManagmentGilespie66763Yes Yes
050487Hemingway and his InfluenceBarnett67967Yes Yes

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