• Course ID: 050:316:01
  • Credits: 3
  • Instructor Name: Moomjy
  • SAS Core Curriculum Goals: AHp, CCO

Can you imagine life without the internet? In spite of the seeming ubiquity of the so called “internet of things,” over half the global population does not have reliable internet access. In other words, half of the world is “offline.” This course will examine the implications of this digital divide—especially in light of the current global pandemic. We’ll explore how the carryover of mass media from older forms migrates onto the internet and the emerging ways by which forms of expression, by both individuals and groups, form new communities and new identities. Finally, we’ll consider how human interaction with new forms of technology impacts the future. These issues are fundamental to understanding differences among various groups (classes, ethnicities, genders, religions, generations, and more) and how people navigate information literacy in the 21st Century. Students are expected to show proficiency in research, reading, and writing. For our purposes, writing will include not only traditional academic essays, but online forms of expression including videos, audio, and social media. Core Curriculum Requirements: CCO and AHp