• Course ID: 050:228:01
  • Credits: 3
  • Instructor Name: Gillespie
  • Instructor (Core Faculty): Gillespie, Angus K.
  • SAS Core Curriculum Goals: AHp, SCL

In contemporary America, we find a fascination with strange phenomena.  The evidence seems to be everywhere, and it is easy to find. Students in this course are introduced to some of the popular myths and mysteries in our society,  Techniques for investigating myths, mysteries, sagas, legends, fables, and tales are introduced, while covering a wide range of subject matter. We review the legends of North American monsters including Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil. We also deal with mysteries such as the lost city of Atlantis, the Bermuda triangle, and crop circles. Students learn methods to establish “evidence” and “facts” while exploring alternative forms of explanation and investigation techniques. Do legends have any  evidence to support them? What new finds have been found that might alter our current understanding of the world? What happens when myth meets science?