Course Offerings Summer 2010


Course Number






050 259:B7 Popular Culture Allred 84216 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 266:E6 Cult Films in American Culture Gillespie 82950 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 291:B1 Jerseyana: NJ Culture Rockland 84198 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 300:B1 History & Culture of Hip Hop Fleetwood 84201 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 300:B6 (Freehold) Motion Pictures in Am. Pop Culture Ferguson 85559 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 300:B7 David Lynch and the Am. Film Avant Garde Nigrin 92936 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 300:H6 Suburban America Ferguson 84203 Yes CANCELED
050 301:B7 Murder in America Chadwick 82575 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 301:E6 Visions of the Future: From Utopianism to SciFi Backes 81321 Yes CANCELED
050 301:H6 The Apocalypse in American Culture Collins 82241 Yes CANCELED
050 312:B6 Sports in America Rockland 84835 Yes CANCELED
050 325:H1 Women on the Fringe Warner 84204 Yes CANCELED
050 331:B1 Ethnic America Sandler 84205 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 342:B6 (Freehold) American Sexuality Warner 85141 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 377:H6 Asian-American Lit in Translation Sudhakar 84309 pdf Yes pdf Yes