Course Offerings Summer 2011

DepartmentCourse NumberTitleProfessorIndexDescriptionSyllabus
050 200:H6 (Hybrid) Intro. to Asian-Am. Cultures Isaac 95681 pdf Yes Canceled
050 259:B7 Popular Culture Collins 92722 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050 266:E6 Cult Films in American Culture Gillespie 92539 pdf Yes
pdf Yes
050 300:B6 (Freehold) New York Theater Culture Rinaldi 93373 pdf Yes
050 300:B7 David Lynch and the Am. Film Avant Garde Nigrin 92044 pdf Yes
pdf Yes
050 300:B8 (Atlantic Cape) Am. Legal History in the 20th Century Furman 95173 pdf Yes Canceled
050 301:B7 Murder in America Chadwick 92170 pdf Yes pdf Yes
050 304:B6 (Freehold) The American City Ferguson 95174 pdf Yes Canceled
050 312:B1 Sports in America Rockland 94361 pdf Yes pdf Yes pdf
050 324:B1 (Freehold) Wayward Americans Warner 95175 pdf Yes Canceled
050 325:B1 Women on the Fringe Genter 94363 pdf Yes Canceled


Museums, Monuments and Am. Culture Reeves 95187 pdf Yes Canceled