Courses that meet SAS Core Requirements


Course Number Course Title Core Goals




01:050:101 Introduction to American Studies o, p AHo, AHp
01:050:203 The American West AHp
01:050:210 American Dream a, p CC, Ahp
01:050:223 Learning from the American Past a, l, k CC, HST
01:050:227 19th Century American Lit and Culture p AHp
01:050:228 The Contemporary American  h, m, p  AHp, SCL
01:050:240 Latino Literature and Culture   AHo, WCr
01:050:259 Popular Culture  o,p AHo, AHP
01:050:260 On the Road: Mobility in America p AHp
01:050:295 Latino and Caribbean Cultural Studies p, s, u, v AHp, WCR
01:050:316 Twenty-First Century Writing a, p   CC, AHp
01:050:310 Approaches   WCd
01:050:389 Junior Seminar  t, u, v   WCd, WCr