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Devoted to Fast Cars, Rutgers Grad Finds her Own Route to Success

An American studies degree leads to a job writing for magazines

Stephanie Davies was a few months shy of 17 when she bought her first car - a vintage 1989 Ford Mustang.

The seemingly bold choice was in keeping with family tradition.

“I had grown up in a home surrounded by American muscle cars so my father pushed me to buy my own,” said Davies. “But the day I bought that car I never dreamed where it could take me in life.”

A few years later, she and her (second) Mustang had found their way to Rutgers, where her intense interest in high performance cars didn’t escape the notice of her professors. Read more here.

Congratulations to...

Rosie1 Rosie Uyola, American Studies Alum! Rosie is now a Media and Computer Programming Instructor at The Edison NJ Board of Education.




Andrew Waldron '12, who graduated with Honors in American Studies and wrote
a novel under Prof. Rockland's direction titled "Fish," has been admitted to the distinguished Columbia University program in Creative Writing (MFA) with a $40,000 scholarship. 


Alumnus Matt Ferguson addresses students on Career Night October 2012 with alumni:

Career Night

Cara Bramson, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

Cynthia Gentile, J.D., Legal Studies, Peirce College

Tracy Varites, New York Council for the Humanities