Want to Resist Trump or Make America Great Again? These People Switched Careers

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A marketer at a Silicon Valley start-up left his job to wrangle voters in swing states. A New York baker ditched her oven to help organize the Women’s March. And an entrepreneur in Georgia decided to walk away from his business and run for the House of Representatives.

The election of President Trump has provoked elation, outrage and self-reflection among Americans across the political spectrum. For some, it has even prompted something more drastic: a career change.

In the last few months, professionals across the country have decided to leave conventional jobs and get involved in politics or activism.

“It feels like we are in this existential crisis of democracy,” said Matt Ewing, who abandoned a career at SolarCity to join Swing Left, a group hoping to get out the vote in competitive congressional districts in 2018. “Going back to work in my comfortable corporate job didn’t make sense anymore.”