2023-2024 Sawyer Seminar: "The Afterlives of Liberation"

The “Afterlives of Liberation” seminar at Rutgers University, New Brunswick considers the fraught afterlives of the racial liberation struggles of the post-1968 era in three spheres: 1) the academy, through the establishment, proliferation, and evolution of Black and ethnic studies departments and programs, as well as those in Native/Indigenous, Latinx/Chicanx, Asian American, and Arab American studies fields, 2) the arts and culture, through engagements with artist and cultural producers who ex


Global Asias

Thinking across disciplines and regions, Global Asias is an institutional network of Asia and diaspora scholars at Rutgers: Asian Studies, History, English, American Studies, Geography, Environmental and Biological Sciences, Music, Spanish and Portuguese, Latino and Caribbean Studies, and Religion. Home to two-thirds of the world population, Asia sits at the center of key twenty-first century challenges, ranging from trade wars to nuclear proliferation, refugee crises to environmental disasters


New Jersey Film Festival

Home of the New Jersey Film Festivals and the United States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival dedicated to exhibiting independent, classic, international, and experimental films.

New Jersey Folk Festival

The New Jersey Folk Festival is an annual festival, held the last Saturday in April as part of Rutgers day, presented under the auspices of the American Studies Department which attracts 15,000 people to the sprawling grounds of Eagleton Institute. The festival's plan is a celebration of regional folk culture–folk arts, farm arts, folk music, and contemporary crafts. The goal is to stimulate awareness and appreciation for folklore and folk-life, past and present. The Folk Festival is now under t