Fishbein, Leslie

Leslie Fishbein is professor emerita in American Studies and Jewish Studies and was an affiliated faculty member of Jewish Studies, Urban Studies, and Women's Studies. Her book, for which she won the New York State Historical Association Manuscript Award, Rebels in Bohemia: The Radicals of The Masses, 1911-1917, is a study of the simultaneous, and often schizophrenic, commitments to socialism, anarchism, syndicalism, Freudianism, feminism, and bohemians of radicals who lived in Greenwich...

Rockland, Michael A.

Professor of American Studies
Professor Michael Aaron Rockland founded the American Studies Department at Rutgers while serving as Assistant Dean of Douglass College (1969-1972). Earlier, he had another stint in academic administration when he served as Executive Assistant to the Chancellor of Higher Education, State of New Jersey (1968-1969). This followed years in the U.S. diplomatic service as a cultural attache at embassies in Argentina and Spain (1961-1968). His overseas experience has since included senior Fulbright...

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