Minor in CCRES

The minor in Comparative and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies is designed to introduce students to the history and politics of racial formation by bringing together courses from multiple departments engaged in the analysis, cultural history, and political economy of race and migration.



1) an introductory course in comparative race and ethnic studies offered in American Studies or an approved 100- or 200- level course in African American, US Latina/o, Native American or Asian American history or literary tradition;

2) one course in non-US or global processes of racial and ethnic formation; and

3) four more courses on race and ethnicity, two of which must deal with two different historical racial groupings or in comparative context.

At least three of the six courses must be 300-level or above.

Note that some courses may have pre-requisites by the host department.

The necessary courses can be accessed in Degree Navigator: under Search, Programs of Study and keyword CCRES

Students may count at most two courses toward both their major outside of American Studies and the CCRES minor. All courses used for the minor must have a grade of C or better.

To qualify as a comparative race and ethnicity elective, a course must fulfill at least two of the following learning goals: 1) Critically engage histories and geographies of race and difference; 2) critically engage a particular population’s experience with power; 3) explore critical race issues and theories with one or more traditional categories; and 4) examine non-US racial formations. A list of approved electives will be updated yearly.


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