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The Department offers a minor in Asian American Studies and a Certificate with Asian Languages and Cultures, houses the Asian American Identities and Images Living-Learning Community, and develops programming for the interdisciplinary field. The field of Asian American Studies explores the politics and history of Asian-descent peoples, including East, South, Southeast, and Southwest Asians within the United States and in the Americas. These multiple diasporic groups share historical and legal connections with other racial and ethnic groups in the United States.

Asian American Studies Courses


Asian American Studies Minor (051)

The minor in Asian American Studies gives students the opportunity to study race, politics, history, migration, labor, literature, art, and popular cultural production of Americans with personal or ancestral connections to the continent of Asia, conceived broadly to include the Pacific Islands, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia/the “Middle East.” Courses eligible for the minor will originate in the American Studies department and a number of other departments, including Asian languages and cultures, Africana, Latino and Caribbean, History, and English.

The minor requires six courses, at least two of which must be at 300 level or above:

  1. an introductory course in Asian American Experience (050:245) offered in American studies or an approved 100- or 200- level course centered on Asian American history or culture;
  2. one course in Asian histories, literatures, cultures, or civilizations in a non-U.S. context; and
  3. four more courses with substantial Asian American content, either from a list of approved courses or by the approval of the department. 

Students may count at most three courses toward both their major outside of American Studies and the Asian American Studies minor. All courses used for the minor must have a grade of C or better.

To qualify for the Asian American Studies minor, a course must contain substantial Asian or Asian American content, defined as one of the following: 1) the course is primarily about the literatures, histories, arts, cultural production, politics, or societies associated with one or more nations or regions within the Asian continent or Americans who identify with one or more regions of the Asian continent on a personal or ancestral level; 2) the course compares the experiences or cultures of multiple groups of people on a common subject, and Asians or Asian Americans must be the subject of at least one-third of the case studies under comparison. A list of approved electives will be updated yearly. Please consult with the Undergraduate Director.

Some Courses for the Minor and Certificate

Asian/Asian American Studies Certificate

The Department of American Studies (AMS) and the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) offers in cooperation a Certificate in Asian/Asian American Studies (13 credits or 4.5 courses) comprised of Asian American Studies-content courses offered in American Studies, English, History, Anthropology, among other units and courses in English on aspects of modern Asian cultures offered by ALC. The Certificate in Asian/Asian American Studies (A/AAS) is intended for students majoring in other SAS disciplines, planning or already pursuing careers in education, business, international relations, policy, law, medicine and allied health professions, medical research, public health, or global development. It is anticipated that students may earn the Certificate as part of their intercultural learning and training in the course of an undergraduate degree as a supplement or as continuing education for those pursuing careers in social work, health policy, education, among other career paths in which diverse cultural knowledge and learning is necessary.

Asian/Asian American Studies Certificate with Asian Languages and Cultures



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Apply NOW for the new Asian American Identities and Images Living-Learning Community (AAII LLC)

The Application is now open for this unique residential community in the Bishop Quad Residence Halls on the College Avenue Campus.


This LLC seeks to enhance students' knowledge of the diverse lived experiences of Asian Americans and other peoples of Asian descent in the United States.  It will combine curricular and co-curricular activities designed to enhance each student's overall college experience. Activities include fields trips, cultural immersion and enrichment activities, holiday dinners and more! All Rutgers students interested in the diverse cultural and ethnic groups that comprise Asian America are encouraged to apply to join the community. You will live with peers, ranging from first-year students to seniors, who are interested in building a community based on mutual interests, developing their knowledge of Asians/Asian Americans in the United States and across the diaspora, creating connections with University faculty and staff, and exploring leadership opportunities through social and cultural organizations. Students do not need to identify as Asian/Asian American in order to participate in the community.  Singles are available for early applicants!

For more information and to apply, visit:



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