An American studies cash prize is awarded for essays (long and short), digital and media projects, and arts project. Interested students should submit work with the endorsement of an American Studies faculty member to the American Studies Department no later than April 15. The prizes may be divided at the discretion of the department. If no project of sufficient merit is submitted, no award will be made.

Categories considered include:

  1. Best Short Essay in AMS 101
  2. Best AMS Short Essay (5-7 pp.)
  3. Best AMS Essay (10-20 pp.)
  4. Best Digital and Media Project
  5. Best Arts Projects with 2-3 page statement providing historical and personal context.
  6. Best Senior Thesis

A. Nominating Instructor must choose one category of entry

B. The number of winners for each other category will depend on the number of entries

C. Not all prize categories will necessarily be awarded in a given year.