Comparative and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CCRES) Minor

The minor in Comparative and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies is designed to introduce students to the complexity of race and society by bringing together courses from multiple departments engaged in the analysis, history, and political economy of race and migration.

The minor requires six courses:

  • an introductory course in comparative race and ethnic studies offered in American Studies or an approved 100- or 200- level course in African American, US Latina/o, Native American or Asian American history or literary tradition;
  • one course in non-U.S. or global processes of racial and ethnic formation; and
  • four more courses on race and ethnicity, dealing with two or more different historical racial groups or in comparative context; three of the six courses should be 300-level or above.

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American Studies Minor

Students who are intrigued by our department but have settled on a different pathway might opt for the minor. We are keen to encourage those students who seek to heighten their academic experience with the freedom of intellectual thought that our course of study offers.

Students who wish to minor in American Studies must complete 18 credits consisting of

  • three 300-400 level American Studies courses (3 credits each), including 050:310 OR 050:389,
  • three more American Studies courses at any level (3 credits each).

Approved courses from outside of the department can be used to fulfill the American Studies minor. Students should consult with the undergraduate director about what courses may qualify.

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Asian American Studies

The minor in Asian American Studies gives students the opportunity to study race, politics, history, migration, labor, literature, art, and popular cultural production of Americans with personal or ancestral connections to the continent of Asia, conceived broadly to include the Pacific Islands, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia/the “Middle East.” Courses eligible for the minor will originate in the American Studies department and a number of other departments, including Asian languages and cultures, Africana, Latino and Caribbean, history, and English.

The minor requires six courses, at least two of which must be at 300 level or above:

  • an introductory course in Asian American Experience (050:245) offered in American studies or an approved 100- or 200- level course centered on Asian American history or culture;
  • one course in Asian histories, literatures, cultures, or civilizations in a non-U.S. context; and
  • four more courses with substantial Asian American content, either from a list of approved courses or by the approval of the department.