Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities

NR05BielRdCook51294v r11While many of those who study abroad major in foreign languages, study abroad can be particularly valuable for American Studies majors as well. Students who have lived and studied outside the United States frequently develop a deeper understanding of their own culture. Language skills in cross-cultural experiences are important assets in a global marketplace.

There are many programs that allow students to study abroad, including a year-long programs, semester programs, and summer programs. Some study abroad opportunities are sponsored by American institutions and other foreign institutions. Most credits taken in foreign study programs are transferable; so may be eligible to count towards the American Studies major.

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An American studies cash prize is awarded for essays (long and short), digital and media projects, and arts project. Interested students should submit work with the endorsement of an American Studies faculty member to the American Studies Department no later than April 15. The prizes may be divided at the discretion of the department. If no project of sufficient merit is submitted, no award will be made.

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icon pdf Independent Study Application (Read the following Guidelines before completing this form.)

Independent Study Projects exist for students who desire to engage in specific research or fieldwork experiences that are not typically part of the curriculum. They are not intended for students who are simply fishing for credits.

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The American Studies Media Culture Program (ASMCP) teaches undergraduates to develop digital literacy through engagement with a variety of digital platforms.  The ASMCP holds workshops and discussions with several campus partners to evaluate new media’s influence on our personal and professional lives.  

Students receive several unique benefits for enrolling in the ASMCP, including

  • 1.5 credits toward a degree for each semester of participation (3 credits for an academic year)
  • indispensible networking and collaboration opportunities with peers, graduate students, faculty, and alumni
  • experience helping to plan, organize, and execute a symposium that focuses on undergraduate digital humanities work around the university
  • attending the Eastern American Studies (EAS) Conference in the Spring;
  • and learning new media skills such as blogging, podcasting, and video essay editing that will empower students to create innovative scholarship, while developing professional skills necessary for a career in the 21st century.

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