We are proud of the widespread success of our graduates. Fields in which they have been prominent include:

  • Media—One former major is a top producer at CBS television; another on the staff of a national magazine; several work for major newspapers, including the Newark Star-Ledger; others have worked as editors at Rutgers University Press, Oxford University Press, and Barricade Books.
  • Business—An American Studies degree is a badge of honor. Sought out by many employers, it is a highly versatile ticket to a wide range of jobs. Few jobs are outside the reach of an American Studies graduate because this course of study will give you the critical-thinking skills,problem-solving skills, and the capacity for lifelong learning that today's organizations require.
  • Planning— Several graduates now work as urban or regional planners. Marketing and Public Relations—the writing and editing skills of our students and the understanding of American subcultures have proved invaluable for our graduates.
  • Law— Because of the broad background and skills it offers, American Studies is an excellent preparation for law school.
  • Teaching—Majors certify to teach elementary or high school, or they may go on to pursue a career in college teaching. Others have entered the fields of guidance or educational administration.
  • Arts Management—Many of our former students are curators and museum directors, managers of theater companies, librarians of special collections, and preservationists.
  • Government— Our majors hold important positions in national, state, and local governments and in the diplomatic service.


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