While American Studies majors can choose to pursue two majors simultaneously, a major in American Studies works perfectly to complement any other major, including History, English, Women's and Gender Studies, Political Science or any other related discipline. A double major will be recognized provided the student fulfills the requirements of both major departments. Students must declare the majors at the proper time and receive approval from both departments. The double major will be recorded on the student's transcript. To complete a double major successfully, the student must take all requirements for both majors.

Keeping all credits and requirements straight can become complicated. The best method is to maintain a list for each major and record all courses you take for it. This makes it easy to see what records been completed and that no more than 3 elective credits overlap. In all official correspondence from the Registrar, students completing a double major will be designated both 050 (the American studies code) and the code for the second major.

The SAS American Studies major recently received the stamp of approval as a UCC endorsed major for "Educating Today's and Tomorrow's Workforce." Find out if these adult-friendly & working-professional programs are right for you.